Carbon Farmers of Australia

Contact Name: Louisa Kiely
Phone: 02 6374 0329
Fax: 02 6882 0504
Business Address:
Postal Address PO Box 640 Dubbo NSW 2830
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Industry/Services: Agribusiness,Education Employment and Training,Training And DevelopmentCarbon Market Services, Conference & Summit organisers
Company Description: Carbon Farmers of Australia (CFA) is a not-for-profit company that helps farmers enter carbon markets. The Company has been recognised as a world leader in representing farmers' interests in and educating farmers about carbon farming issues. It has been acknowledged by the CSIRO's senior soil carbon scientist Dr Jeff Baldock for playing a key role in securing the A$20m funding for Australia's Soil Carbon Research Program which was augmented with additional funding under the Government's $46m Carbon Farming Initiative. CFA “single-handedly barnstormed the issue onto the national agenda” according to The Land’s Science & Environment Editor Matthew Cawood. The Company’s Principals appeared as expert witnesses before the Senate Inquiry into the Carbon Farming Initiative legislation in 2011. They were consulted by both Government and Opposition on the same subject. CFA’s Mission is to work towards the day when soil and other agricultural carbon offsets are traded in Australia and farmers paid fairly for what they grow. Soil Carbon Trading is the fastest way to reverse farm landscape degradation on the widest scale, maximizing Climate Change mitigation and rural economy restoration. The Company has a particular focus on the two-way relationship between science and on-farm practice and advocates the benefits of genuine collaboration for better scientific outcomes. It has published a white paper on the subject. Carbon Farmers of Australia, has staged annual conferences in Australia since 2007 at which leading scientists and 'alpha' farmers share the results of their observations. CFA also conducts Farm Ready approved workshops to prepare landholders for trade. This includes training in the use of the Soil Carbon Optimising Tool and the Farm Carbon Risk/Return Calculator. It published the world's first Carbon Farming Handbook in 2008. Its blog - started in 2006 - has more than 700 entries. Our work was seen as worthy of inclusion under the United Nations International Year of Planet Earth.

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