MINDSHOP 2019 - DNA Innovators

MINDSHOP 2019 - DNA Innovators

Date: Monday 25 February 2019
Time: 1pm, Tuesday 26th February 2019
Venue: Business DNA, Level 1, 48-50 Church Street
Sponsor: Business DNA
Guest Speaker: David Duffy
Price: Free RSVP: fiona@businessdna.digital




DNA Innovators

Leadership resilience strategies: 
How to 100% guarantee your success in 2019?

Presented by David Duffy

2019 has kicked off and global leaders will have extensive lists of strategies and goals to achieve this year. These include growth, consolidation, building capability, more time with family, better delegation and improved technology systems.

Each year as the marketplace throws up more challenges and opportunities, it is critical that busy leaders invest the time to continually build and refine their skills to tackle challenges and build resilience needed for success. Doing more of the same rarely works in an ever-changing market.

Use this first workshop in 2019 to tap into valuable insights from peers and discover new models to develop strategies you can implement immediately into your businesses to boost your probability of success. 

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