2013 Board Announced

2013 Board Announced

Chamber Members - Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Board Announced

Last week we announced the new Board for 2013 including the following people:

  • John Cook
  • Dan Buckler
  • Lee Bennett
  • Cherie Forrester
  • Bob Isenbert
  • Megan Dixon
  • Kerrie Phipps
  • Meryn Whalan
  • Natalie Bramble
  • Andrew Toole
  • John Southwell
  • Alex McCormack
  • Sharon Mansfield and
  • Andrew Appleby
The Board held its first meeting earlier this week to elect its executive. 

The 2013 Executive is:
  • President: John Cook
  • Vice President: Megan Dixon
  • Treasurer & Public Officer: Bob Isenbert
  • Secretary: Natalie Bramble
  • Membership coordinator: Dan Buckler

At the meeting a decision was made to also allocate portfolio responsibilities to different Board members, with the first two portfolio’s being allocated. Andrew Toole is taking on responsibility for property development and Natalie Bramble is taking on the portfolio of tourism & events.

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